More than 670 Hunting and Fishing Groups Demand Climate Action

Submitted by Kristin Johnson

“There isn’t a legislator worth his salt that wouldn’t be paying attention to the local hunters and fishermen in their state,” said Sen. John Warner (R-VA) at a press conference yesterday on Capitol Hill. What message were hunters and anglers delivering?

Pass strong legislation that addresses global warming and protects fish and game species from a changing climate.

More than 670 hunting and fishing organizations representing all 50 states signed their names to a letter urging Congress to pass legislation that cuts global warming pollution 2% per year.

Yesterday’s press conference, which marked the delivery of this letter, was attended by dozens of hunters and anglers, including Simon Roosevelt (T.R.’s great-great grandson) and David Crockett (Davy’s great-great-great grandson). Sen Warner and Sen. Robert Casey (D-PA) also made statements in support of sportsmen’s efforts.

The hunters and anglers who flew in for the event are today on Capitol Hill, meeting with their Members of Congress to lobby for the Climate Stewardship Act and other strong 2% legislation.