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Is Boat Insurance In Florida mandatory?

While you are not required to have boat insurance in Florida, you are required to obtain a boating safety id card, to register and title your boat in the state of Florida, and carry specified boating safety equipment. The insurance is not required by state law, but if you have a lien on your boat, it is likely that your lien holder will require you to have coverage on your boat.

Florida waterways can be quite busy. It is a good idea to have insurance on your boat for your own protection. Proper coverage can protect you in the event of a hurricane or severe storm. It is likely that any damage that occurs to your vessel due to unforeseen circumstances can lead to very costly repairs.

Depending on where you store your boat, you may also be required to have boat insurance according to For instance, if you keep your boat in a marina, they will likely require you to have coverage to protect the property of other people in the event of any damage or injury.

If the value of your boat is over $1,000 it is highly recommended that you obtain coverage. There is a good chance that your homeowners insurance policy may offer limited coverage for watercraft and boats. This is certainly something that you should check into.

Boat policies generally cover things such as:

•       Limited damage repairs up to $1,000 for the vessel. This only covers certain types of damage.

•       The liability part of your homeowner’s policy may cover a small portion if you are injured or if there is property damage to others. However, this comes with many restrictions.

•       Certain personal property that is brought upon the boat. However, if this is exclusive to the use of the boat, it is not covered.

This is where the boat insurance in Florida comes of great benefit. It will provide coverage for:

•       Damage that may incur to your vessel or even personal property. This will have a deductible. Coverage will be in effect no matter if the damage occurs on the water on while the boat is on a trailer.

•       Covers liability in the event of damage to others.

•       If you or a guest suffers personal injury, your medical expenses will be covered.

•       Should you or your boat suffer injury from another vessel that is uninsured, your policy will pick up and pay.

•       In the event that you become stranded and need to be towed, you will have towing coverage.

As you can see, there are many positive benefits to obtaining boat insurance from and it is something that you should certainly check into if you haven’t already.