Outdoor Lore: Perry spreads the word on dangers of global climate change

By Tom Tatum, Tri County Record

Ed Perry of State College is an avid outdoorsman – scuba diving, cross country skiing, hunting, fly-fishing, backpacking, biking, kayaking – you name it, if it takes place in the great out-of-doors, you’ll find Perry there.

But Perry, at age 63, has another more pressing outdoor mission – to work with his fellow outdoorsmen to reduce the dire effects of global warming and help preserve the natural resources so vital to us all.

To that end, Perry has taken on the considerable task of acting as the outreach coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation in Pennsylvania. As such, he aims to involve concerned sportsmen to work with our state lawmakers to help benefit our environment.

“We are trying to get our legislators to pass legislation such as the Climate Security Act that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by two percent per year,” explained Perry. “This is the amount that informed scientists say we need to achieve if we are to avoid the worst effects of global warming.”