Sailfish Tournament First Ever to be Carbon Neutral

Submitted by Erica Anderson
Get this, the first billfish tournament of 2008 is also the first fishing tournament to go carbon neutral. The Sailfish Tournament launches from Miami Beach, next week, January 10-13.

Everything from boat bags, banquets, hotels, air fare, trips to dock, boat fuel, etc. will be factored into the final carbon footprint calculation and offset with “climate mitigation credits.” These credits will capture methane gas from dairy farms and convert it into electricity, effectively balancing out the event’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Marina owners and dockside fuel providers will also be offering carbon credits for only 9 cents per gallon. These credits will be traded with producers of renewable energy such as wind and solar power providers.

The National Wildlife Federation, Florida Wildlife Federation and Environmental Defense teamed up with a number of great “Environmental Sponsors” to fund 100% of the tournament, which celebrates the long-standing tradition of off-shore angling and leads the way in combating climate change.

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