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Find out how your senators voted on the Climate Security Act

The U.S. Senate voted June 6 on an important bill called the Climate Security Act (S. 3036). Find out how your senators voted.

Visit the Climate Security Act Action Page


Protect Duck Hunting in the Chesapeake Bay

Global warming is threatening America’s Chesapeake Bay and the millions of ducks, geese and waterfowl that call it home. Urge your representatives to take strong actions to reduce global warming and its impacts on ducks.

Email your representatives to protect the Chesapeake


Support the Clean Water Restoration Act

Help restore Clean Water Act protections for wetlands, streams, lakes and ponds! Urge your representatives to co-sponsor and vote for passage of the Clean Water Restoration Act of 2007.

Email your Members of Congress to support clean water.


Petition to the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus

Global warming threatens to alter America’s hunting and fishing traditions. Sign this petition urging the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus to stand up and do something about it.



Protect America’s Fish and Game Species from Global Warming

Global warming is threatening hunting and fishing opportunities across the American West, say scientists in a new NWF report, “Fueling the Fire.” Share the findings with your representatives and ask them to protect your outdoor traditions.

Forward the “Fire” to your Congressmen